A Fully Loaded June! (Original)

One from my own collection of June Palmer negatives to leave you with before my holiday and what a cracker!

June posing in front of a window, gun in hand as the well known long black negligee slides down exposing her naked body beneath! You can just imagine her as a dangerous madame in some saloon dealing with the rowdy cowboys around her and dressed like that I’m sure she got everyone’s attention! I’ve not seen any other shots of June like this, although there are some of her with a saloon door, but don’t know if they are from the same set. A fully loaded shot of June to leave you with and see you all in 2 weeks 🙂


Note: This is image comes from the scan of an original negative and subject to this copyright notice


Dawn Grayson – Through The Broken Window! (1966)

I’ve already published a very similar shot of Dawn through this broken window pane here, but this is another view taken from the same shoot. Again taken by Ed Alexander this shot appears in the Whitestone Book No.71 – Good Photography (1966). Thanks to Napo over on VEF who is currently scanning and publishing his collection of Whitestone publications

June Palmer – Highlighted Beauty (Original)

A third shot of June by Stefan Glass and again this is a quite exquisite shot of her posing in the light from a window showing off her perfect figure and pose. I particularly like the side profile of her face with her perfect hair and those ornate earrings.

I have again produced a cropped version of the original image based on the marked up contact sheet showing how it was originally planned to be cropped and used, but think I prefer the wider original version myself.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.