Terry Peters – Reclined Chaise Lounge View! (Original)

Another of my purchases from eBay, this time a 35mm negative strip containing 6 images of Terry Peters. This one is the first of 3 shots of Terry posing reclined on the chaise lounge in an open white negligee, with 3 more of her then posing on cushions on the floor in open black negligee. As you can see the quality after scanning is really good, with only minor tweaks to contrast and the removal of the odd minor scratch.

I don’t have a date for these, but based on the look of Terry and her hair style and colour, I would guess these are late 1960’s, after she had posed for Harrison Marks in Kamera, but that’s just a guess? She also looks slightly older in these, but still a stunning shot to add to the collection


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Lee Southern – At One with Nature! (Original)

Another shot of Lee Southern/Sothern (Grace Jackson) taken on a photographic glass plate in 1960. The location of this one seems to be in the grounds of Sheplegh Court in Devon, as I have other shots of her showing more of the grounds. This set has Lee posing in a more natural state as we get a clear view of her thick dark bush in this shot as she poses out and about. I also love the matching leopardskin scarf and shawl that doubles up as a rug for her to pose on!