Maria Frost – Boots & Frilly Knickers (Original)

A beautiful shot of Maria Frost posing in grey boots and yellow panties with frills! This comes from a large set of 35mm negatives sent over by Paul from Firebird, including several sets of Maria including this one. I’ve also included the first shot from the set below, where Maria is fully dressed in a very short little yellow dress.

The set is very familiar with the orange sofa and drinks cabinet and I’ve seen several other models posing on this set. In fact looking through the sets that Paul sent over several other models are also posing on this set, so maybe all taken at the same studio or by the same photographer, unfortunately no identification of either yet!

Margaret Nolan – A Golden View

A great colour shot of Margaret Nolan by Russell Gay, but a tad too much yellow or gold in this shot if you ask me! An open yellow negligee, yellow panties, golden wig and background, but it still doesn’t distract from Maggie and her fine chest!

Jackie Parker – Where To Look First!

My god I don’t know where to look first with this shot! Jackie Parker in blonde wig wearing the brightest pair of yellow knickers I’ve ever seen! Add in the contrasting red suspender belt and garter and your eyes are pulled from one thing to another. Thankfully Ms Parker’s best assets are always on view to distract 🙂

I don’t think the blonde wig is the best look for her as I much prefer her with her natural longer brunette hair.