Unknown Models

As this blog has progressed I’ve published most of the well known models that have posed for GHM and others, as well as a few of the lesser known models. What has become apparent is that I don’t know or can’t name all of them! Some I have no idea who they are and others the name escapes me for now. I thought I’d publish them here for you all to see and hopefully help me identify them. Please leave you comments below with any names that you know and I’ll number each model to help with the naming – Over to you!


  1. Did you receive my opinion of number four’s identity, and do you agree?

  2. On number 6! Firmly believa that she is a young Jackie Aspin from London. I sent you the Danish VUE magazine Nr 5, where she appears to have gained a few extra pounds. Nevertheless, I feel she is such a perfect model of beauty.
    Never to be forgotten, but always loved!
    So I sincerely and truly feel!
    Nils from old Sweden.

  3. #16 and #37 are very striking – it would be interesting to know more about them.

  4. This shot of Unknown 51 is listed in ‘MyArchives’ as Candy Belle, a Harrison Marks model.

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